Bambo Nature Overnight Diapers


Bambo Nature Overnight diapers are designed to give your child a safe, soft, and comfortable night’s sleep. Thanks to an innovative channel technology, featuring state-of-the-art absorption speed, our diapers keep your child’s skin dry throughout the night. Our hypoallergenic diapers minimize the risk of allergy, skin irritations and diaper rash; with breathable materials and made with 0% parabens, lotions, preservatives, and chlorine.

Perks to subscribing

• Fall in Love Guarantee. No diaper rash. Ever. 

• Not the perfect match? 100% money back guarantee.

• We plant 1 tree for every 5 diapers purchased in your baby's forest, offsetting their lifetime CO2 emmissions.

• Conveniently delivered to your door each month.

• Pause or cancel when it's time for potty training.

• Never run out of diapers with our monthly auto-renew.

What's not in their diaper

Oeko-tex - Free of harmful chemicals and known allergens

• Certified Free of 1,328 chemicals banned by the European Union

• Totally Chlorine Free (TCF)

How they make a difference

• Nordic Swan Certified

• Wood pulp in the diapers is derived from sustainable forestry - FSC Certified

 Vegan and cruelty free

• Manufacturing is 100% Wind Power

• Ingredients have 100% traceability back to its original origin

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