Ecoriginals Eco Disposable Training Pants Diapers | Toddler Size 4 | 120 Count



  • Made with over 90% plant-based & biodegradable natural materials / compostable diaper packaging / increased absorbency means less diapers used / non toxic - no phthalates, no fragrances, no dioxins, no bleach, no lotions / not tested on animals
  • 40% more absorbency reduces irritation / Plantcell Technology for 12+ hours leak free / eliminates diaper rash / soft, breathable natural layers protect skins natural oils / 100% cotton leg cuffs + 3D leak guard preventing leakage and side spill
  • 100% plant based FSC Wood Pulp and tissue paper absorb and lock in wetness / BACK SHEET: 100% plant based cotton provides structure and breathability / CORE: 100% plant based, sustainably sourced FSC wood pulp, tissue paper, plant based polymers and plant based glue make a soft, absorbent and breathable centre / WAISTBAND & LEG CUFFS: 100% plant based unbleached cotton for comfort and flexibility