Seventh Generation Baby Diapers | Size 2 | 186 count | One Month Supply

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Give your baby a clean, fresh start with Seventh Generation Diapers. The absorbent core provides the long-lasting, 12-hour protection your little bundle needs, while the FreshAIRTM Breathable Layer helps release humidity. These baby diapers are made without fragrances, lotions, or chlorine bleaching, and use only FSC® Certified, sustainably sourced wood pulp that’s gentle on our planet’s forests. Our softest, best diaper yet—the future looks good on your baby. The diaper design absorbs in seconds and offers 12-hour leakage protection for your future wildlife protector.
Perks to subscribing

• We plant 1 tree for every 5 diapers purchased in your baby's forest, contributing to offsetting their lifetime CO2 emissions.
• Conveniently delivered to your door each month.
• Pause or cancel when it's time for potty training.
• Never run out of diapers with our monthly auto-renew.

What's in their diaper

Totally chlorine-free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core)

Sodium polyacrylate (absorbent core)

Polypropylene (core wrap, cuff, inner liner, fastening system, outer layer)

Polyethylene (breathable moisture barrier, outer layer)

Polyurethane (Waist elastic)

Adhesives(seams, joints)

Polymer Spandex (fastening system, leg elastic)

• Inks (external printed designs) Seventh Generation has said their inks are not soy based or vegetable based, but also do not disclose at all what they are made from.

• Pigments

What's not in their diaper
How they make a difference

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