Woman owned sustainable tech startup, Conscious Diapers, leaving the world a better place for future generations, one baby diaper at a time

June 23, 2022 / Conscious Diapers, a new woman owned sustainable tech startup is disrupting the baby diaper scene by revolutionizing the way parents shop for baby diapers. Since its launch in January 2022, Conscious Diapers has committed to giving parents a clear standard to follow when shopping for diapers, as well as making the children who diaper with them CO2 free for life, one diaper at a time.

The founder of Conscious Diapers is a first-time female entrepreneur who left Corporate America and vowed to never do anything again that didn't make a positive impact. “When I built Conscious Diapers, I couldn’t find a service that gave parents the variety, flexibility, and transparency they deserve when shopping for their kids,” said the Founder, Samantha McCord. “Seeing that baby diapers are not FDA regulated and have a huge negative impact on our planet, it is my number one priority to take the bullsh** out of your baby’s sh**, all while making the world a better place for future generations.”

Conscious Diapers goes beyond just buying baby diapers, “We know changing a diaper is something that parents do every day, and without a diaper standard there isn’t a clear way to protect our kids and planet from potentially harmful ingredients and manufacturing practices. I was shocked to find that a diaper lives in a landfill for 500 years, and so decided, why not try and make it a positive thing for the kids and the planet? We have created the most transparent and trustworthy place to buy disposable baby diapers, all while making it less sh**ty for the planet”, Samantha continued.

The dirty truth is that no diaper is perfect and our impact on our planet is inevitable. In the US diapers are not regulated, and the only ingredient they are required to be free from is lead. Whereas in Europe diapers are free from over 1,300 ingredients. Coupled with the fact that the average American emits 14 tons of CO2 a year vs the world average of 4 tons, something needs to be done. These alarming facts have been proven to cause a drastic negative impact to our planet for future generations. It is predicted that due to global warming, over 1 million species are at risk of going extinct, polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate causing the warming of our oceans and planet and thus killing people and wildlife. If we don’t do something about this now, what future do our children have on this planet? Will there be bees left to pollinate flowers, or fish left in the sea? Conscious Diapers’ guess is no, so they have chosen to protect future generations by planting 1 tree for every 5 diapers used on the platform. This means by the time your baby is out of diapers they will be CO2 free for life. Conscious Diapers' goal is to provide our kids the ability to experience our beautiful planet as we have been able to.

About Conscious Diapers:

Since its launch in January 2022, Conscious Diapers, a baby diaper subscription marketplace, has been committed to taking the bullsh** out of your baby's sh** when shopping for diapers, in addition to making the children who diaper with them CO2 free for life by planting trees to offset carbon emissions.

Conscious Diapers is the first baby diaper subscription ecommerce that challenges the lack of diaper regulation in the US. “I was shocked to learn that the only ingredient diapers must be free from is lead,” Samantha McCord the Founder and CEO said. “There are no standards for something kids practically live in”. McCord decided to take the guesswork out of baby diapers by scoring each brand based on five pillars. These five pillars make up The Conscious Score: Environmental impact, Ingredient Integrity, Human rights, Animal protection, and Diaper performance.

Parents can have peace of mind that the diapers they choose to purchase are safe for their children and in alignment with their ethical values. In the near future, based on users’ selections, AI and machine learning algorithms will log purchases and track exactly how much of an impact users make based on The Conscious Score. Conscious Diapers will match shoppers with products based off of what matters most to them.

With the convenience of diapers delivered to your doorstep, on your schedule, and with the flexibility to change the size, delivery date, and brand anytime, you can easily protect your family and make an impact by improving something you are already doing, buying diapers.

Next month, 20 new diaper brands will be added to the Conscious Diapers marketplace!
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