Well hello there...

We're Conscious Diapers, and we are planting over 1500 trees for your child to offset their CO2 emissions for life, sending you monthly reports showing the growth of your forest and tips to improve your personal footprint via our 5 point Conscious Score, and sprinkling in discounts on your diapers along the way.

We do a ton of research (so you don't have to), score each brand and their products so you can feel good about what you are buying.

The Conscious Score

Here are the 5 standards of our Score.


No animal abuse: We audit brands to ensure they do not use animal products or byproducts and that is no animal testing!


Top performers: We audit third party performance tests and check-in with real customers to determine how well the product works…because ain't nobody got time for a blowout, especially when we are trying to save the planet.


Protecting human rights: We ensure our brands have policies and procedures in place for themselves, and their partners to prevent things like forced labor of children and adults, to protect indigenous people, and give fair wages.


Reversing the negative impact to the planet: We audit our brands, their partners, and 3rd party certifications to understand how the use energy, water, preserve our ecosystems, and what happens at the end of the life of their product.


Staying away from toxins: We audit claims made by the brands, 3rd party certifications and tests to ensure the products are safe for your child’s skin and health.

What we are all about

We value transparency, honesty and being upfront about what these brands are up to.

We don't think our customers should have to sift through a ton of information (and misinformation if we are being real) to find the truth about what they are buying.

We are on a quest to find the truth, we love our planet and its inhabitants, and we want to give you your power back through what you buy.

We believe in protecting human and animal lives.

We know that there is only one earth, and it is everyone's responsibility to do their part - we are protecting her one tooshie at a time.

We don't like harsh chemicals, and don't want them anywhere near our children.

We feel there is an education gap, and that is why consumers can't make informed decisions about what they buy.

What we are sick of

Greenwashing, fluffy claims, no action, confusing information and bullsh**.

Find yourself thinking, WTF does that mean?

If you your brow becomes furrowed while reading things on the site, you will notice some words that look like this that you can click on. This will direct you to our WTF Page

Here you can find in detail what terms mean, certifications stand for, and educate yourself without having to spend hours doing your own research. 

If you find a word or something confusing and it isn't on the WTF Page, then feel free to submit it to us and we do the research for you, and add it to the site! We love feedback from you!

Have a questions?

Hit us up here, we are happy to help you clarify anything!