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BabyCozy's Certifications

We've done the research

BabyCozy's Score:


BabyCozy has decent product performance, some claims against their ingredients, but no real certifications backing up the statements. So, how do they stack up against the Conscious Score? See why they received an F Rating rating below. 


BabyCozy has given a partial list of ingredients and has stated it is free from some of the ingredients that you want to steer clear from. There is no mention of VOCs, BPAs, heavy metals and there is no third party backing their claims up. Based on our standards and their transparency BabyCozy gets a D for the Ingredient Pillar of the Conscious Score.

What is in their diaper

• Japanese SAP, 10s Fast-Dry
• Embossed Cocoon Pattern
• FSC-approved pulp
• 3X-grip sandwiched magic tape
• 0.8D fabric x 10 microns fiber

What is not in their diaper

• Additives


BabyCozy uses sustainably sourced fluff in their diapers but they disclose no relevant or concrete information about their environmental practices. BabyCozy receives an F for The Environmental Pillar of The Conscious Score.

Human Rights

BabyCozy discloses no relevant or concrete information about their human rIghts practices. They receive an F for The Human Rights pillar of The Conscious Score.

Animal Rights

BabyCozy claims to not test on animals, but have no certifications, we do not know if their ingredients are vegan and we do not know if they sell in countries that require animal testing. BabyCozy receives an F for The Animal Rights Pillar of The Conscious Score.


We evaluate performance of the baby diapers based on real parent feedback and 3rd party lab tests. We consider things like absorbency, durability, scent, leak protection and softness.

BabyCozy "Bouncy Soft" Diapers For Newborns

Based on 192 parents' feedback we give an overall score of 4.4 out of 5 to BabyCozy diapers. Parents who used the product said it was incredibly soft, had a wonderful fit, and didn't cause any skin irritation, absorbed well with low reports of leaks and is durable. The BabyCozy receives a B+ for the Performance Pillar of The Conscious Score.