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Babyganics's Certifications

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Babyganics's Score:


Babyganics (parent company SC Johnson) was founded by two dads who wanted to help parents not worry about what products they use on their kids. They claim to have thoughtfully chosen their ingredients but do not disclose all ingredients or have any certifications backing up their claims. The brand does little to be eco-friendly, and has no proof of certifications to back up its organic, animal cruelty and eco-friendly claims. Conscious Diapers feels like if you have SC Johnson backing you, then you are putting your funding in the wrong places and worst of all greenwashing consumers. In addition, (not diaper related) we found a class action lawsuit convicting the brand of greenwashing on their sunscreen. So, how do they stack up against the Conscious Score? See why they received a F Rating rating below.


There is not a transparent ingredient list on the Babyganics website and the section on the product page where it says "What's inside" has no active ingredients. Babyganics is asking us to "trust" that they keep our little ones in mind when choosing their ingredients but the lack of clarity has Conscious Diapers questioning this. They claim the diaper contains no Parabens or Phthalates which can cause things like eczema to genital abnormalities in boys. Based on our standards and their transparency Babyganics receives a D for The Ingredient Pillar of the Conscious Score.


• Totally chlorine free (TCF) fluff pulp

• Non-woven polypropylene for the top sheet

• PE film back sheet• Strong tabs and stretchy wings for a secure fit• Wetness indicator

• NeoNourish® on the topsheet – our own blend of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and raspberry seed oils.

What is not in their diaper
Petroleum-based lotion


Babyganics discloses no relevant or concrete information about their sustainability practices. Their parent company, SC Johnson shares a sustainability report annually but it does not dig into individual contributions. Babyganics receives an F for the Environmental Pillar of The Conscious Score.

• TCF wood fluff pulp

Human Rights

Babyganics does not specify if any of its supply chain is audited to ensure human rights are respected and there is no evidence of any policies or procedures that they protect human rights. There are some petitions that you can sign on their website supporting Paid Family Sick Leave and Federally Subsidized Child Care. As well as some claims to partner with some local organizations to help racial equality. The only tangible data we have found is in their donations of products to various organizations. Babyganics receives a D for the Human Rights pillar of The Conscious Score.

• 58,000 Cases of insect repellent provided to Feeding America

• Ongoing donations of diapers & wipes provided to Compass Family Services

• 4,000 cases of hand sanitizer & sunscreen provided to Save the Children

Animal Rights

Babyganics claims they have cruelty free formulas and that products are not tested on animals. However, according to PETA, the parent company S.C. Johnson DOES test on animals. Since Babyganics is not certified Cruelty Free, they do not claim to be vegan and their parent company tests on animals, they get an F for the Animal Rights Pillar of The Conscious Score.


We evaluate performance of the baby diapers based on real parent feedback and 3rd party lab tests. We consider absorbency, durability, leak protection and comfort.


Babyganics Diapers scored an average 4.3 out of 5 from 345 parents feedback. Baby Mamas, Baby Daddys and 3rd party tests found that these diapers have good absorbency and a nice fit. Additionally, parents like the softness of the diaper, offering softer fabric on the inner liner and back layers and the elastic and motion points being more skin friendly than other competitors. There are, however, consistent complaints about rashes and slightly rough closure tabs and cuffs. Finally, 3rd party testing did not find significant durability-related issues during testing, but parents have reported some faulty tabs. Babyganics receives an overall B for the Performance Pillar of The Conscious Score.

Supplier Certifications

• SGS certified 70.1% biodegradability rate of 147 days (without polybag)
• Reducing plastic waste by using some biodegradable & natural materials