The Believe Diaper exists to help you do good for your family, good for other U.S. families in need, and good for the environment with each diaper change.

Believe Diapers Certifications

We've done the research

Believe Diapers Score:


• 1 for 1 diaper matching - each time you buy from Believe Diapers they send diapers to a family in need

SCS Certified - Sustainable Forestry


IQNet Certified

Mom Choice's Award Honoring Excellence


Believe Diapers is a company that in our opinion has done a good job keeping toxins away from your little ones, they take Mother Earth into consideration, and for every diaper you buy they send 1 to a family in need. We could not, however, find any information about their animal rights, human rights in their supply chain or workforce. Because we could not find the information about these topics we were not able to grade them positively on these topics. In addition, the IQNet Certification is an ambiguous certification - we could not find their standards. So, how did Believe Diapers stack up against The Conscious Score? See why they got a D below. 


Believe Diapers has a clean ingredient diaper with some sustainably sourced materials, they disclose their ingredients, and are hypoallergenic. With the Ecocert, they are certified free from a lot of the nasty ingredients you want to steer clear from your little ones tushie! You can check out their standards here. The not so great is that we did not see any mention that it is free from parabens or BPAs. Based on our standards and their transparency, Believe Diapers a B for the Ingredient Pillar of the Conscious Score.

What is in their diaper

Bamboo FIber
Fluff Pulp - Totally Chlorine Free
• Wetness Indicator
Elastic by 3M
Nonwoven BASF

What is not in their diaper

Believe Diapers have procedures in manufacturing to create 2.3x less water waste than a traditional diaper, they save 200k trees a year and their diaper breaks down after you toss it in the trash faster than a traditional diaper. They reduce the use of plastic materials used in their diapers by using plant based materials. The not so good, is that we aren't sure of their energy use in manufacturing, we do not see evidence of environmental audits throughout the supply chain, and we are not sure of their CO2 impact as a company. Based on our standards and their transparency, Believe Diapers receives a B for the Environmental Pillar of The Conscious Score.

Human Rights

Believe Diaper has committed to fixing the economic inequalities in diaper care by having a 1 for 1 diaper matching program to families in need. So when you buy from Believe Diaper they match your purchase and give it to a family in need (1/3 of American parents cannot afford baby diapers). Talk about heroic. They have now helped over 52k families in the United States get access to diapers. We could not find any more information about their supply chain and how they protect the rights of their workers. Based on the lack of transparency on their supply chain we give Believe Diapers an F for The Human Rights Pillar of The Conscious Score.

Animal Rights

Believe Diapers discloses no relevant or concrete information about their animal rights practices. They get an F for the Animal Rights Pillar of The Conscious Score.


We evaluate performance of the baby diapers based on real parent feedback and 3rd party lab tests. We consider things like absorbency, durability, scent, leak protection and softness.

Believe Bamboo Baby Diapers

Based on 90 parents' feedback we give an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 to the Believe diapers. Parents are over the moon with how soft they are and report that the diaper is also above average for absorbency. Based on this feedback we give them a B for The Performance Pillar of The Conscious Score.