"Our Mission is to protect and enrich the full potential of every child"

We are a redefining clean, so you can focus on the love. Our standards raise the bar to what “the best” means. Not trying to sell you what you don't need but sharing what you do. We are pioneering a new standard of safety for babies with the first EWG Verified™ diaper.

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A Letter From the Founders

Our life’s work is protecting and promoting babies’ health.

It was the unique experience of our children that led to Healthybaby. Zane, our oldest, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 after a seemingly typical first 2 years. Zane is now 9, and like the 1 in 6 families whose children are diagnosed with developmental disorders every year, we have navigated life with his challenging special needs. We never stop asking questions and looking for answers as to why these epidemics are raging on, and how we can protect babies during their early years. Armed with hundreds of research studies and with direct access to the world’s leading obstetricians, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, and environmental biologists, we then had our second beautiful baby, Asha. She is the beneficiary of all of this research, protection, and enrichment. She is healthy, connected, and uniquely empathetic.

Healthybaby is the culmination of all that we have learned and now want to share because every baby deserves to be a healthy, happy, and connected baby. Our hope is that healthybaby will support all of the superhero parents throughout their journey with the information they crave, the products they need, and the coaching support they deserve so that we can all focus on what matters most - a happy, healthy life.

With love and support,

Shazi Visram & Joe Kulak


Healthybaby set a new safety standard for diapers and is the first EWG VERIFIED diaper.

What’s not in our diaper:
Optical brighteners
4,000+ other banned ingredients


Topsheet: 50% plant-based polyethylene and 50% polypropylene

Absorbent core: 60% absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate) and 40% wood pulp (100% sourced from sustainably managed forests, FSC Certified® and Totally Chlorine-Free)

Core Wrap: 100% polypropylene

Acquisition Layer: 100% polypropylene

Leg cuffs: 35% plant-based polyethylene, 35% polypropylene, 20% adhesive* and 10% elastic polyurethane.

Closing System: (closing panels, closing tapes, frontal tapes, front ears) 55% polypropylene, 25% adhesive* and 20% polyethylene

Backsheet: 45% plant-based polyethylene, 45% calcium carbonate, 10% adhesive* and <0.5% printed ink (ethanol, propan-2-ol, ethyl acetate, D&C black no. 2, pigment yellow 13, pigment yellow 74, pigment red 48:2, pigment red 53, pigment blue 15) made without lead or heavy metals.

Outer cover: 45% polyethylene, 40% polyester and 15% organic cotton.

Adhesives made of:

5% styrene-isoprene block copolymer
40% styrene-butadiene block copolymer
10% hydrogenated naphthenic processing oil
4% poly(methylstyrene-co-indene)1% pentaerythritol tetrakis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamate)


Healthybaby has selected the most premium & sustainable materials for safety, performance and softness because we believe babies deserve the very best. In a Healthybaby diaper, everything that touches your baby’s skin is made of plant-based materials. The diapers are made in Europe with love at a carbon neutral facility where safety, quality, and sustainability standards are among the highest in the world.

Because there are currently no viable options that work for diapers to biodegrade fully or recycling of diapers, they have focused on where they feel they can make an impact. By replacing petroleum based materials with plant-based materials which uses less petroleum and crude oil to make their diapers.

Did you know that about one cup of crude oil is used to make just one diaper?! At healthybaby, they are proud to say that we are replacing petroleum with renewably grown plants (specifically, sugarcane), that they use as the source for a few components in their diaper: like the topsheet, backsheet, and even the leg cuffs. They also replace polyester in their outercover with cotton, further reducing the amount of petroleum used to make their diapers. Learn more here.

They've also carefully chosen their production partners based on their commitment to sustainability practices and willingness to innovate for the future.

Learn more about their sustainability impact here.

Human Rights

Healthybaby has donated over 10,000 diapers and over 12,500 packs of wipes to local diaper bank in 2021.

Animal Rights
Supply Chain

Healthybaby vets every partner and process along their supply chain to ensure that when their diaper arrives to you, they know that it’s the safest possible diaper. They share all the detailed information about their processes so that you know every material that is used to make their diaper is safe for your baby. In accordance with the EWG-VERIFIED™ standard, they disclose every material on their website and packaging. They believe that by being more transparent than the law, they can lead the change for the entire industry to do better.


FSC certified paper bags 

Supplier Certifications

EWG Verified

B Corp

Nordic Swan Certified

Certified Organic Cotton

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

FSC Certified

Vegan** Not offically certified but based on ingredients they are a vegan brand

Cruelty Free** Not officially certified but based on the supply chain audit there is no animal testing