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Cuties Certifications

We've done the research

Cuties's Score:


• Made in USA
• Produced in a zero waste to landfill facility
• Not tested on animals
• Dermatologically tested


The parent company of Cuties is First Quality. They are a private company who has made their mark providing a cost effective diaper. But how does this brand stack up based on The Conscious Score? Here is what we found out.


There isn't a public listing of ingredients, just that they are made from "cottony soft materials". Just as a reminder to our baby Mama's and baby Daddy's out there, the only ingredient that the FDA requires diapers to be free from is lead. This diaper has a huge question mark when it comes to its ingredient safety.

We have found a Prop 65 Warning on these diapers, which means they can expose you and your baby to some kind of chemicals, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


Cuties sources their fluff from the Sustainable Forestry Intitative. And the diapers are manufactured in a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility.

Human Rights

Cuties gives to Cradles to Crayons

Animal Rights

The diapers are not tested on animals. But since there is no public ingredients list, we cannot tell you if there is any animal product in their diaper.

Supply Chain

There is no public information about the Cuties supply chain except that it is assembled in the US.


There is no public information about Cuties packaging.

Supplier Certifications

We evaluate performance of the baby diapers based on real parents reviews and 3rd party lab tests. We consider things like absorbency, durability, scent, leak protection and softness. Please keep in mind that the diapers have a Prop 65 Warning which means there are chemicals present known to cause cancer.

Cuties Diapers

Cuties Diapers average a score of about 4.3 out of 5 from a little over 6,000 reviews. Based on 3rd party testing this inexpensive diaper performes decently well in the absorption department. The diaper seemed to be durable and kept in one piece when wet. The majority of parents have told us that they like the performance of the diaper compared to the price they have to pay. 3rd party tests state that the diaper does not hold leaks too well and that the low absorbancy can cause rashes. They are on the thinner side, the tabs can tear easily and the diaper is not optimal for overnight. Cuties states that the diapers are not scented but there are some reports of a light smell from the diaper. Parents reported that the diaper is soft.

Cuties Pull Ups

Cuties Pull Ups averages a score of about 3.8 out of 5 from about 260 reviews. The feedback we have gotten from real parents is that these training pants have mixed feedack on abosorbancy. Not many parents reported issues with durability, and most said that the velcro tabs worked well for their little one. The pull ups are listed as not scented, although parents reported a small scent. There are also mixed reviews on softness and comfort.